WCB Policy Change Proposal: Concurrent Conditions

Posted in: WCB Law,Workplace | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on February 27, 2017

On December 8, 2016, the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) of Alberta announced proposed changes to cost relief for concurrent conditions, which would directly affect Policy 04-02, Part II, Application 1, paragraph 11 and Policy 05-02, Part II, Application 1. The WCB further advised that drafts of the policy would be open for comment until March 9, 2017. As with any organization, the WCB will periodically review policy to address issues of concern that have been identified, or make improvements to the current operating system. All policy changes are reviewed and approved by the WCB Board of Directors, which is composed of members representing the interests of workers, employers and public stakeholder groups. The WCB Board of Directors not only determines policy and ensures that it is consistent with workers’ compensation legislation, but is responsible for revisions or modifications to existing policies and are entrusted to take into consideration the impact […]

St. John’s Ambulance Mental Health First Aid Course

Posted in: Mental Health,Safety,workplace wellness | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on February 17, 2017

Continuing the Conversation In case you missed it, Bell Let’s Talk day 2017 set new all-time records with unprecedented social media participation in Canada’s national conversation about mental health. An impressive 131,705,010 Bell Let’s Talk interactions through calls, texts, tweets, posts and views raised more than $6.5 million in funding for Canadian mental health programs, research and initiatives. Leading up to Bell Let’s Talk day, Bell announced support for a number of new projects including funding for St. John’s Ambulance to develop and incorporate a mental health module in their standard and emergency first aid courses. As a result, St. John’s Ambulance now offers a Mental Health First Aid course. The course was developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada to teach participants how to assist people showing signs of mental health problems or people who are experiencing a mental health crisis. The course does not train individuals to […]

5 Easy Steps to Improve Health and Safety Culture

Posted in: Accident Prevention,Safety,Workplace | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on February 6, 2017

It is widely accepted that a Health & Safety(H&S) program, in any organization, plays an instrumental role in reducing workplace accidents. The workers’ compensation(WCB) claims and time loss from work that result from at-work incidents can have a significant impact on a business’s financial picture, specifically during these times of economic uncertainty. As companies face cutbacks in productivity and staff, try to do more with less and continually work to remain solvent, having a sound up-to-date H&S program in place becomes even more important. Whether you need to establish a H&S program or you just want to update your current system to meet today’s needs, here are 5 tips to improve the H&S culture in your workplace:   It Starts at the Top: The first, and most essential step to a successful H&S plan is commitment from Management. Without the approval, support and reinforcement from the management level, respect, adherence […]