Benefits of a Modified Duties Program

Posted in: Claims Costs,Safety,WCB Premium Reduction,Workplace | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on November 25, 2015

It has been well established that the sooner a worker can return to work after an injury or illness, the faster they will reach their maximum medical recovery (MMR). In general, the shorter the recovery, the lower the costs and the greater the benefit to the worker and employer. It may seem like a simple equation but the finding the right balance returning to work can be difficult and challenging. Bringing a worker back too soon increases the risk of relapse, recurrence or new injury, which can result in higher claims costs and missing the window to safely reintegrate a worker back to employment can also have a significant impact on costs. An established Modified Duties Program is a proactive approach that can prevent unnecessary time loss and increased claims costs. Temporary modified duties can provide suitable, appropriate and meaningful work during the recovery process and can be offered in […]

Independent Contractors and WCB Premiums Explained

Posted in: Claims Costs,WCB Premium Reduction | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on November 13, 2015

As an independent contractor in Alberta, it is not always safe to assume that you have WCB coverage through the general contractor that hired you. For most industries, worker’s compensation coverage is required by law however there are some industries that are exempt from mandatory coverage. There are also separate responsibilities and guidelines for employers when hiring contractors or subcontractors that may impact coverage. Therefore, it is important to determine what industry you are working in, whether coverage is mandatory for that industry, how your independent contracting business is operated and ultimately who is responsible for paying the WCB premiums for your coverage. In this blog we explain the relationship and responsibilities between independent contractors and WCB premiums. An employer is responsible for contractors and subcontractors worker’s compensation insurance unless the contractor or subcontractor: Have their own valid WCB-Alberta account Is operating as a corporation Is performing the work as: […]

Is a WCB Claim Ever Officially Closed?

Posted in: Claims Costs,Workplace | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on November 4, 2015

It’s one of the most-asked questions: is a WCB claim ever officially closed? Once a worker has recovered from an injury and is back to their full duties, the WCB will often send out a closure letter that outlines the injury accepted, the treatment and services provided, the return to work details and indicate that the claim will now be considered inactive. Unlike private insurance claims, where there are specific time limits enforced in which you can claim benefits, the WCB will always consider any new information that is submitted. If it is determined that the information is relevant to the work related injury accepted and requires action, the claim will be re-opened. The WCB will review every situation on its own merit and determine if the new information has a direct connection to or an impact on the claim in question. It does not guarantee that a claim will […]