Is There a Time Limit to Filing a WCB Claim?

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Is there a time limit to filing a WCB claim, reporting an injury, or accident? The short answer is yes, however there are different limits that apply to workers and employers. WORKER’S RESPONSIBILITIES What is the time limit for a worker to report an accident? In Alberta, a worker must report an accident to the WCB within 24 months from the time an accident occurs or from the time they become aware of the accident. What if a worker reports an accident after the 24 month limitation? The WCB may decide not to pay compensation however, this time limit may be waived under certain circumstances. Under what circumstances will the WCB consider accepting a claim that was reported beyond the 24 month time frame? If the WCB determines that there are reasonable or justifiable grounds for the delay or if the claim is a just claim and should be allowed […]

What to Report When an Employee is Injured on the Job?

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An employee is injured on the job, as an employer what are you responsible for and why does it matter? According to the Workers’ Compensation Act of Alberta, an employer has certain obligations when dealing with a work-related accident, such as providing first aid treatment at the scene of the accident, providing and paying the cost of transport to an appropriate medical facility if necessary, paying the worker their full wages for the day of accident and reporting the injury to the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) within 72 hours of the accident.Although these responsibilities are legislated, there are real benefits for complying with them that can have a positive impact on managing claims and claims costs. Here is a look at what to report when an employee is injured on the job: MEDICAL REPORTING Arranging for first aid treatment and transporting a worker to hospital may seem intuitive but having […]

Back Injuries: The Leading Cause of WCB Claims

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Lifting, bending, pulling, pushing, throwing, catching, twisting, reaching, stumbling, falling – it is virtually an endless list of the ways in which you can strain, sprain or injure your back. Whether it’s on the job or away from the workplace, whether it is a workers’ compensation claim, insurance claim or just a period of recovery, the cost of back injuries to employers is enormous, and it has become the leading cause of WCB claims. It is not just paying out sick time, absorbing the cost of workers’ compensation claims or the cost of accommodating an employee on modified duties, there is the loss in productivity, wages for extra help or temporary workers hired to meet deadlines or service standards and reorganizing procedures and staffing to fill the gap created by an injured worker that contribute to the impact back injuries have on society and the economy. According to the WCB […]

Ergonomics: Is It the Right ‘Fit’?

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October is Global Ergonomics Month Global Ergonomics Month (GEM) is an international outreach campaign designed to promote the awareness and application of ergonomics to improve efficiency, productivity, health, safety and comfort not only in the workplace but in all aspects of daily living. Awareness of ergonomics has been increasing greatly over the past two decades and has been a topic of discussion for government departments, workers’ compensation boards and workplaces both private and public. What is Ergonomics? Ergonomics (or human factors) is the science of understanding how humans interact with other elements of their environment and the impact it has on their well-being and overall performance. It is based on the concept that if the ‘fit’ between the user, their capabilities, their limitations, the equipment necessary to complete the task and the environment in which they must operate is optimized, it will maximize the potential for the best possible outcome. […]

Accident Prevention: Change in Seasons, Change in Risks

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September 23, 2015 at 2:21am MDT, marked the Autumnal Equinox – depending on your point of view, it’s sadly the end of summer or the cheerfully the beginning of fall. Either way, it signifies a change of seasons and as with any change, there comes an increase in risks for accidents or injuries. Two things spring to mind with regard to change at this time of year: fluctuating temperatures and reduced daylight hours. The days continue to get shorter, the average temperature eventually drops and the cold winter months ahead loom large, so it is important to be prepared for the rollercoaster-like period of transition from summer to winter. Here are a few things to keep in mind as these two aspects influence our environment this fall: Dress Appropriately: There are going to be warm, possibly even hot, days and there are going to be cold and frosty days. Unfortunately, […]