WCB Dispute Resolution and Decision Review Board

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Although the WCB Alberta is committed to making fair decisions on claims, with rationale that is understood by all interested parties, not everyone is always in agreement when a decision is made. Every WCB claim is different because each work-related accident is unique unto itself. There are enough similarities in the types of accident, types of injury, methods of treatment, durations of disability and return to work plans that allow claims to be processed within structured WCB policies, procedures and guidelines. However, these standards and protocols do not always allow for the individual nuances and circumstances of a claim to be taken into consideration when decisions are made. What happens when an employer disagrees with a decision made on an injured worker’s claim or doesn’t understand the reason why a decision was made? Every employer has the right to question and request a review of any decision made on a […]

Construction Worksite Safety: Beware Compliance and Complacence

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A recent chat with a 24-year old construction worker brought a very interesting perspective to health and safety in the construction industry. Like a lot of construction workers, he started at the bottom with no more than some high school education, a need to earn a living, and little to offer other than his physical manpower and desire to learn. Since then he has been promoted to foreman and is now responsible for a team of workers under his direction. When workers that don’t understand the importance of compliance observe workers who have become complacent, the entire health and safety management system begins to break down. His observations of what the most significant hazards and safety issues were on his worksites, especially from youthful eyes, was particularly insightful. What challenges employers face while trying to keep their workers safe on the jobsite, how much of it is preventable, and how […]

How to Reduce the Cost of WCB Premiums

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The calculation of WCB Premiums is complicated and can be daunting to understand. Some employers feel so confused by the complexity of the process that they believe that they are at the mercy of the WCB, and have no control over the rate they are assessed. While many of the components and formulas used to determine premiums rates are fixed, there are some simple things employers can do that will have a positive impact on their rate. Here are our top three strategies of how to reduce the cost of WCB Premiums: Reduce Claims Costs: The single most important thing an employer can do is try to reduce the number of work-related claims they have, and the costs associated with those claims. The impact of claims costs can be seen in the Experience Ratio (ER), or how an individual employer’s costs compare to their industry average. This comparison will also determine […]