Beyond the Dispute Resolution & Decision Review Board: Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation

Posted in: Claims Costs,WCB Law,WCB Lawsuit Settlements | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on September 26, 2016

So the WCB-Alberta has made a decision on an injured worker’s claim and, as the employer, you do not agree with the decision. You have talked to the WCB decision maker, likely a Claim Manager or Claims Adjudicator, without success. You have discussed the issue with a supervisor, have had no luck with the Dispute Resolution and Decision Review Board(DRDRB) and still you are not in agreement with the decision that was made. What can you do now? Is there another level of appeal? Is there a way to get an impartial hearing to voice your grievance? The WCB Appeals Commission: The Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation is exactly that. The WCB Appeals Commission (AC) is the final level appeal for decisions made by the DRDRB and the most formal of all levels of appeal. It is a quasi-judicial tribunal established by and operating under the Alberta Workers’ Compensation […]