No Time Loss Claims Cost Threshold Increase

Posted in: Claims Costs | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on March 31, 2017

On January 31, 2017, the Alberta WCB announced a claims cost threshold increase, from $1,300 to $1,400, for No Time Loss (NTL) claims occurring in 2017, but how does that impact WCB premiums? Although cost threshold increases are not usually a benefit to employers, an increase to the NTL claims cost threshold is. What is a No Time Loss claim? The WCB defines a NTL claim as a situation where, following a work-related accident, an injured worker returns to regular duties without losing time from work beyond the day of accident and does not sustain a permanent disability. Medical costs and other benefits are issued but no income replacement payments are made. Employers are responsible to pay full wages for the day the accident occurred, therefore if time loss from work is necessary to seek medical attention at the time of the incident, it is covered by the employer. Further […]

Drug and Alcohol Policies in the Workplace

Posted in: Accident Prevention,Safety | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on March 17, 2017

If the government holds true to it’s word, despite the controversy, marijuana could be legal in Canada by National Marijuana Day, April 20th. Whether you agree with the legalization of marijuana or not, the reality can not be ignored nor can the impact this may have on the workplace. Does the legalization of marijuana change the concept of a ‘smoke break’ or a ‘two martini lunch’? What about company social functions? Workplace alcohol and drug testing? An employer’s obligation for tolerance and what recourse do they have? It is well documented that the risk of accident and injury increases dramatically when associated with the use of, and/or intoxication from alcohol or drugs, either prescribed, legal or otherwise. The health and safety of everyone in the workplace can be affected by a single person’s behavior while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Beyond the obvious medical impact that an accident […]