Slips, Trips and Falls Happen

Posted in: Accident Prevention,Safety | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on April 3, 2018

Slips, trips and falls happen— at home and at work. They account for 15-20% of all work-related accidents and are the leading cause of ‘time-loss’ injuries in Canada.   Slips, trips and falls happen. They happen on construction sites, in offices, at schools, on oil rigs, in kitchens, at hospitals and on farms. They happen at heights and on the ground, in parking lots and on stairs, when you’re looking and especially when you’re not.   Slips, trips and falls happen. And they are costly, not just in the direct costs of treating the resultant injury but also in the indirect costs like lost time, lost productivity, lost earnings and increased WCB premiums. What are slips and trips? Slips happen when there is too little friction or traction between the foot (or footwear) and the contact surface. Common causes of slips are : Wet or oily work areas Accidental spills […]