When is a WCB Claim Not a Claim?

Posted in: WCB Lawsuit Settlements | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on August 30, 2019

Nobody wants or likes a Workers’ Compensation (WCB) claim, neither workers nor employers, but the reality is that they are unavoidable. While the majority of work-related claims are relatively straightforward, resolved quickly, and adjudicated appropriately, there are situations that are more complex, contentious, and/or less obvious. They require a closer look to determine whether they are an acceptable WCB claim.  Employers are entitled to question the validity of these cases, to have the rationale for acceptance explained, and to appeal any decision made on a claim— including acceptability. Whether it is because of worker-related issues, worksite related incidents, or other outside factors, there are times when employers get frustrated and want to question the validity of a WCB claim. A tremendous amount of time, energy, and resources can be wasted trying to fight a WCB claim, more often than not without success. The result can be increased claims costs and […]