WCB Alberta Premium Payments 2020 and 2021

Posted in: Claims Costs | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on October 16, 2020

In March 2020, the Alberta government announced new measures to provide immediate financial relief to private sector employers in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This included: Premium payments for 2020 deferred until 2021Refund of any 2020 premiums paid50% of 2020 premiums waived for small and medium sized private sector employers once invoicing resumes in 2021No interest charged on unpaid 2020 premiums While this has provided much welcome assistance for employers struggling to figure out how to navigate these uncertain times, a reckoning is rapidly approaching and employers need to start preparing now for when WCB Premium invoicing resumes in 2021. Employers will still be required to report their actual assessable earnings for 2020 plus their estimated assessable earnings for 2021 by February 28, 2021. Employers that took advantage of the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) will have to remember to include the applicable amounts in the actual assessable earnings […]

Are Employers Absorbing the Cost of COVID-19?

Posted in: Claims Costs | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on September 28, 2020

We are all trying to settle into our ‘new normal’ in a post-pandemic world. Unless and until there is a vaccine, COVID-19 will continue to play a significant role in how we navigate moving forward, however, some things never change such as work-related accidents and Workers’ Compensation (WCB) premiums payments. COVID-19 has impacted WCB claims in three ways: COVID-19 Claim Entitlement: While most provinces had provisions in place to deal with emergency situations and occupational exposure to infectious diseases, the criteria under which claims were accepted under these provisions was relatively narrow. Due to the lockdown imposed in mid-March the number of industries deemed as ‘essential services’ broadened, resulting in a larger cohort of essential workers being identified.  Provincial workers’ compensation boards responded by expanding coverage for these front-line workers should they contract COVID-19, as a result increasing the potential number of associated WCB claims. More information about COVID-19 claim […]

Back To Work?

Posted in: Mental Health,Safety,Workplace,workplace wellness | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on August 27, 2020

It’s the dog days of summer, Labour Day is fast approaching. That means cooler weather is on its way and with it comes new challenges as we try to find our footing in a post-pandemic world.  Virtually every business has been affected by the lockdown and safety precautions that COVID-19 has necessitated, whether it was lay-offs, working from home, providing essential services, operating with a skeleton staff or finding innovative ways to provide goods and services. The full impact of COVID-19 is yet to be realized but we do know that it has taken a toll on our economy, our lifestyles, our livelihood and our mental health.  It’s undeniable, COVID-19 has changed us, at work, rest and play. It has changed the way we do business, the way we interact, the way we travel, the way we shop, the way we entertain ourselves and the way we receive healthcare. Some […]

National Injury Prevention Day

Posted in: Accident Prevention,Holidays | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on July 6, 2020

Monday, July 6th, 2020 marks the 4th annual Nation Injury Prevention Day in Canada. Initiated by Parachute, it is designed to raise awareness about the devastating effects of predictable and preventable injuries. Perhaps this year more than any other, we need to pay special attention. According to the Cost of Injury in Canada report published in 2015, preventable injuries annually represent: $27 billion lost to economy 3.5 million emergency room visitsMore than 60,000 injuries result in permanent or partial disabilities And the human cost is staggering: 16,000 Canadians die each year 43 Canadians die each dayInjury is the No. 1 killer of Canadians aged 1 to 44.The loss of life is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every 10 days. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world we all knew and trusted has been turned upside down and has impacted the way we work, the way we play, the way […]

Hand Hygiene: Help vs Harm

Posted in: Safety,workplace wellness | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on June 24, 2020

Whether you sing the Alphabet Song, Happy Birthday, Stayin’ Alive, count slowly to 20 or use a timer, we all know the drill by now – washing your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19. While this seems like a simple solution to a complex situation, frequent hand washing and excessive use of hand sanitizers can pose a serious health hazard.  The outermost layer of our skin is composed of oils and wax, and it acts as both a shield from the outside and a guard that maintains natural moisture in the skin. Soaps, no matter how mild, and hand sanitizers do not discriminate between unwanted oil, germs, debris and natural oils in the skin and if this natural barrier is broken down, the skin can become dry, red, itchy and […]