Safety Tips for the Holidays

Posted in: Accident Prevention,Holidays | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on November 28, 2019

As November draws to a close, and December rapidly approaches, the retail and hospitality industries are kicking into high gear. The Festive Season comes with its own unique set of risks and hazards, not just in the retail and hospitality sectors, virtually every business will be impacted in some way over the holidays. Now is as good a time as any to make sure you and your staff stay safe and healthy through the next few weeks. As your organization prepares for the holidays, here are some potential health and safety risks to keep in mind: Seasonal Hires – many businesses require temporary help to meet the increased demands of the holiday season. Seasonal workers are at high risk for workplace accidents and injuries just like any new hire, possibly more. Since their employment is temporary, things like safe practices, accident reporting procedures and performance issues can be glossed over, […]

Honouring Labour Day

Posted in: Holidays | Posted by Rebecca Ingram on August 30, 2018

Although observed on May 1st in most countries around the world, the first Monday in September is recognized as Labour Day in Canada and the USA. It is a statutory holiday commonly associated with the end of summer, marking the last long weekend of the season and signalling the day before school starts. Over the years, however, the origins of the Labour Day, what it means, and why it’s celebrated have all but been forgotten. Labour Day is an annual holiday celebrating the achievements of workers and can be traced to the labour unrest of the late 1800’s, the dawn of the industrial revolution, and the birth of unions. Perhaps one of the most significant developments from this period was the 8 hour day movement, which advocated eight hours of work, eight hours of recreation, and eight hours of rest per day — a concept that should be revisited more […]