Safety & Support


BCL is committed to providing preventive measures to keep WCB costs down for employers across Canada with education sessions and program development across provinces and territories.

Training & Education

The BCL team will develop a comprehensive Health and Safety Program for your organization that addresses site-specific issues and risks to ensure both regulatory and safety requirements are met. In the case an accident or incident occurs on the worksite, we have an Investigation Program available to assist supervisors in completing their review to prevent future reoccurrence. Additionally, BCL provides its clients with resources for First Aid Training, as well as WHMIS and TDG Training either on-site or remotely through trusted partners.

Audits & Analysis

BCL has a team of auditors who can provide external Certificate of Recognition (COR) Audits for several certifying partners. For organizations that are interested in participating in the WCB’s Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR) program, this is a required step in getting certified. We also offer a Gap Analysis, where BCL provides organizations with formal program reviews, comparing current health and safety management system to COR protocol requirements.

Risk Reduction Strategies

It is important to train your workforce to understand the many types of pain and realize that pain does not always mean they must stop or reduce an activity. BCL provides Back and Lifting Education Sessions to employees, as well as training on reducing Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) in the workplace. We can complete an assessment of any task or work area and provide recommendations to alleviate the risk of injury through our Ergonomic Analysis. In the case of an injury, employers are often required to execute a Modified Duties Program to support employees returning to the job after a workplace incident. Turning potential time loss claims into no time loss claims, or greatly reducing the period of disability, is readily achieved.